Dramatica Season 2 Opening

The event photos from Dramatica’s season opening at Soho Club are a vibrant collection, highlighting the spectacular performances and joyful ambiance of the night. Poppycock is vividly captured, her dynamic presence and powerful vocals emanating energy and joy, encapsulating the audience in her lively world. Each snap is a visual narrative of her infectious enthusiasm and a testament to her ability to create a harmonious connection with the audience, making the event a dance-filled delight.

In this colorful gallery, Angele Micaux’s innovative and dramatic acts are also brilliantly showcased, her detailed, handmade costumes underscoring her creative essence. The snapshots of Ex-girlfriend introduce her novel genre with a charming flair, and Krasna’s thought-provoking performances reflect her dedication to activism and artistry. Miss Plastica’s radiant charisma and invigorating energy are the cherry on top, spreading love and positivity throughout the venue. Each photo is a glimpse into a night brimming with laughter, dance, and unparalleled performances, encapsulating the exuberant spirit of Dramatica’s exciting kickoff event.


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