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Dramatica Season 2 Opening Aftermovie

Relive the splendid spectacle of Dramatica's season opening with our latest aftermovie! Experience the outstanding drag artistry, vibrant atmosphere, and heartwarming energy all over again. Don't miss out on the upcoming rendezvous on October 13th, and join us for more glittering moments and unforgettable performances! Discover more and feel the magic anew with Dramatica!

Dramatica’s Vibrant Season Opening: A Showcase of Eclectic Talents & Joyful Moments at Soho Club!

Dive into the vibrant and lively world of Dramatica's season opening at Soho Club! Poppycock's dynamic energy and powerful vocals, Angele Micaux's creative acts and handmade costumes, Ex-girlfriend's unique punk rock style, Krasna’s thoughtful and conceptual performances, and Miss Plastica's radiant charisma and positive energy are all captured in our colorful gallery. Experience the joyful moments and eclectic talents that made the night unforgettable!