Boys, girls, in-betweens, and others!
Welcome to the jingle my bells show. 

Only at Dramatica Santa comes early!
Guess we have been very “good” girls this year!
Underneath Dramatica’s first Christmas tree we’ve already received some great presents and we’re looking forward to unwrap them with you!

First, all though quite petite, but mesmerizingly decorated gift with a lot of sparkles and feathers. This present comes all the way from Belgium 🇧🇪 with Name tag: Loulou Velvet!
We’ll be unwrapping it and hoping its covered in as many layers as possible so the process of revealing it will seductively pleasure us. 

Another present comes from The Netherlands! 🇳🇱 Even though it has couple of alcohol stains, and smells like whiskey sour, it definately looks glamorously vintage! Wrapped in a wallpaper like gift wrapping it says: 
to: Grandkids from: Legendary Lady Galore

Right next, we have German 🇩🇪 looking gift wrapping! Tagged as Lélé Cocoon! The shape and colors of this gift is sticking out of the box! Definately DYI gift made from rubber ducks, yarn, and other genderless objects! Looks like perfect gift to lovers of video games and Y2K music! 

And another French 🇫🇷 gift. 
With a voice recording repeating Chantaaal! over and over, this one seems to be a music box that never stops! Rather nude looking and hairy gift paper suggests: Prepare for an intense and humorous unwrapping of it! 

To make it cosy and fun! Miss Plastica will be your holiday spirit, guiding this unwrapping ceremony! Hopefully her unpredictable and rather shy Christmas elf Nerijus will show up this time too!

Ambiance and music selection will warm you with  beats selected and played by Gyvatnešis, So get ready for your bells to jingle!

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