Lost & Found
Have You Left Something Behind?

We understand how easy it is to leave something behind in the fun and hustle of a night out. Whether it's a phone, a coat, or something a bit more unusual, our Lost & Found service at Soho Club is here to help.

Report Your Lost Item:

Fill out our simple online form, describing the item you've lost, the date of your visit, and any unique identifying features. We'll do our best to match it with the items we've found.

Found Something?

If you've found an item that doesn't belong to you, please hand it to one of our staff members. Your honesty is appreciated, and you're helping us reunite lost belongings with their rightful owners.

Item Retrieval:

We'll contact you to confirm if your lost item has been found. Items can be picked up during club hours. Please bring a valid ID for verification.

Contact Us:

For urgent inquiries or additional assistance, please contact our Lost & Found team at info@sohoclub.lt or
+370 699 39567

Remember, Soho Club is not responsible for any lost items, but we’ll do everything we can to help you find what you’ve lost. Here’s to many more unforgettable nights at Soho Club, with all your belongings in tow!