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Dramatica Season 1 All Queens

Dive back into the magnificent moments from Dramatica's last season as we await the exciting new one! We were treated to the diverse and dazzling performances of 35 queens from 15 unique countries, each showcasing the rich and varied art forms of drag. Be sure to witness the creativity and diversity in Dramatica's upcoming season opening on September 8th!

Dramatica Pride: Dazzling Spectrum of Unity in Vilnius!

Revel in the vivid memories of the Dramatica event held on June 30th at Soho Club, Vilnius, a radiant celebration of LGBTQ+ diversity and artistry as part of Vilnius Pride. It was a night where every shade of the LGBTQ+ spectrum shimmered brightly, with performers like Sedergine and Peggy Lee Cooper transforming the stage into a canvas of unique expressions and infectious joy. The array of talents, each with their distinct sparkle, came together to weave an unforgettable tapestry of laughter, acceptance, and boldness, elevating the LGBTQ+ narrative in the vibrant realms of SohoVilnius and ThéGayClub.