Dramatica 1st Anniversary

The night of Dramatica’s anniversary show was a glorious spectacle that sparked with diversity and unapologetic self-expression. Daisy Superbitch, a fierce embodiment of Belgian Royalty, dazzled everyone with her captivating blend of gothic allure and sensual energy. Every look she served exuded power, the audience held under the spell of her irresistible charm. Equally enchanting was Tayris, the multi-talented queen from Brighton. Her dynamic performances, from tap dancing to live singing, were met with an exhilarating wave of applause. Each death drop left the audience breathless, her vibrant energy amplifying the excitement that rippled through the crowd.

The spectacle continued with Alvilda, another Belgian queen whose robust drag aesthetic ignited the stage. Her performances, a tantalizing blend of conceptual depth and raw intensity, brought the much-craved spice to the evening. Yet, amidst the flamboyant displays, Ariah Lester, our songbird from Venezuela, offered a poignant contrast. Her soulful tunes resonated deeply, her performance creating an atmosphere so riveting it left an indelible impression on all. Yet, the celebration wouldn’t have been complete without our local favorite, Miss Plastica. Her vibrant energy and warm, communal hosting style made every audience member feel cherished and celebrated. But let’s not forget our charming stage kitten Rytis, whose blend of shyness and audacity added an unforgettable dynamic to the evening. His captivating charm and assistance brought a unique magic to the show, making this event truly the heart of Dramatica!

See you next time for Dramatica Pride Edition on JUN.30!
Find your tickets -> https://sohoclub.lt/dramatica

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