DRAMATICA 1st Anniversary

Dramatica’s 1-year Birthday Celebration! (Find your tickets)

Yes, you read it right!
We cannot believe ourselves, but it’s already time to celebrate the solid 1-year journey of the greatest drag show in Lithuania.
We had a spectacular year!!! full of attitude! Creative and unique artists! Warm, open-minded, and crazy audience! And of course, incredible sense of unity at Soho club, where we all gather to celebrate freedom of expression and phantasy!

This time we want to have an extra special night, so we planned some exciting things for you to experience! We will be hosting a drag pageant competition and a great DJ for the official Dramatica afterparty, but more on that later.

Now let’s look at our hot Lineup for this special occasion.

Of course, our night is not possible without our sound magician Dj Gyvatešis, who will comfort you with special birthday beats during the breaks.

She can be gothic, she can be real, she loves short dresses and men who kneel. She craves power through sassy looks, as long as you stare she’s on the hook.
Get ready to meet our fierce Belgian Royalty Daisy Superbitch.

We are excited to introduce our multitalented queen From Brighton.
Tayris promised to do some tap dancing, live singing, and to show off her beautiful pageant skills. So, get ready for a load of amazement, and excitement during her shows!

ALVILDA (Belgium)  🇧🇪
Surprise, surprise, another Belgian Queen! 
Alvilda is ready to give us some strong drag esthetic, her conceptual, powerful, sometimes dark-sided and sexy shows will add that extra spice to the night that you crave so much.

ARIAH LESTER (Venezuela)🇻🇪
Ariah Lester is known for her special and powerful performances while singing incredibly artistic and culturally exploratory tunes! We are beyond happy to introduce you to this most beautiful songbird from Venezuela who will make sure that the whole room will definitely be dancing!

Finally is a queen who does not really need an introduction to Lithuania Anymore.
Through this year you have experienced her crazy take on drag, spontaneous shows, and extra warming, communally wonderful way of hosting.
This time it won’t be an exception and she will bring it all to make sure that everyone feels cared for and celebrated!

Besides the hot lineup, we have an extra hot afterparty with one and only DJ Jaroska
who has promised to frow in some extra special beats and other tricks that he will be pulling out of his bra! Yes, out of his Bra, because the dress code for the night is: This is my drag!
So, get ready to dance like crazy in your most beautiful outfits!

Dress code for the night: This is my drag! (Go as crazy, as sassy, as silly as you want)
Those that want to, will be invited to participate in a drag pageant competition and win great prizes.

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