Poster of Dramatica Falling Queens Event on October 13 at Vilnius SOHO Club

Dramatica Falling Queens Event: Oct 13 Drag Spectacle

Mark your calendars for the lively Dramatica Falling Queens Event on October 13th at the well-known Vilnius SOHO Club. This event is not just a show, but a grand festivity of drag culture. It offers a stage for outstanding talents from the global drag community to shine bright. The lineup boasts renowned drag artists like Miss Plastica 🇱🇹, Peach Rich 🇧🇪, Aleksej Von Wosylius 🇫🇷, Miss Abbyomg 🇳🇱, and Alfie Ordinary 🇬🇧.

Get your tickets here 👉 https://sohoclub.lt/dramatica

Each performer brings a unique style and creativity to the stage, ready to captivate the audience with their artistry and charm. The Dramatica event honors the colorful world of drag, blending glamour, humor, and stirring stories into a seamless show.

The core of this night goes beyond mere fun. It delves into self-expression, diversity, and the beautiful range of gender creativity. Moreover, the Dramatica Falling Queens Event invites everyone to celebrate life, love, and the freedom to be genuine.

Through lively acts and a community united by a love for drag culture, this event aims to touch hearts and open minds. Additionally, it nurtures a deeper understanding and love for the art of drag. It’s not merely a night to remember; it’s an invite to experience a realm where glamour meets grit, where the extraordinary meets the everyday, where fantasy becomes reality.

So, grab your tickets now. Get ready to step into a world of magic, laughter, and engaging performances. Furthermore, seize the chance to be part of a community that values diversity, creativity, and self-expression. Your adventure into the heart of drag culture kicks off on October 13th. Therefore, don’t miss it! Witness the spectacle, feel the camaraderie, embrace the vibe, live the moment, and cherish the memories that will surely be etched in your heart forever.

Dramatica Falling Queens 📅 Oct 13 Friday 19:30 https://www.dramatica.lt

Check last Season our All Queens https://www.sohoclub.lt/dramatica-season-1-all-queens/

Poster of Dramatica Falling Queens Event on October 13 at Vilnius SOHO Club
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