Dramatica's Autumn Extravaganza: Falling Queens Heat Up the Stage!

Dramatica’s ‘Falling Queens’ soirée, a true kaleidoscopic drag extravaganza, unfolded as a vibrant tribute to the art of drag. The stage burst into life with a spectrum of hues and personalities, led by Peach Rich from Belgian Drag Race. Her enchanting lip-sync performances and high-fashion ensembles captivated the audience, setting a high bar for the evening. Following her was the stunning Aleksej Von Wosylius, whose balletlesque act was a fluid dance of grace and intensity, his elegant movements accentuated by a series of dramatic costume changes.

The event then took a turn towards the exuberant with Miss Abbyomg, the Brazilian powerhouse from Drag Race Holland. Her performances were a dynamic mix of humor and energy, transforming the stage into a whirlwind of joy and entertainment. The pinnacle of the night was Alfie Ordinary, the UK’s adored Tinky Winky impersonator. His unique blend of camp humor and heartfelt performance struck a chord with the audience, leaving them both moved and amused.

Complementing the performances, DJ Gyvatnešis worked his magic, his beats adding a pulse to the night’s festivities. Amidst this dazzling array of talent, the Kryolan Cosmetics glitter bar and beauty corner added an extra touch of sparkle, enhancing the event’s glamour. This ‘Falling Queens’ extravaganza was not just a show but a celebration of diversity and creativity in the drag community, making it a standout event of the season.

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