Yes! Yes! Yes!
Dramatica is back!

Funnier, sexier and crazier than over a nonexistent summer ago! Now, as our “hot” summer has cooled down, we are ready to reopen our doors and  introduce you to another selection of Europe’s hottest, most unique and glamorous drag talent!

Miss Plastica (LT). 
This multidisciplinary talent, and fabulous Diva, will guide you through the night as a wonderful Master of Ceremony. Serving humour, fantasy and joyful energy, she’ll make sure the night is unforgettable and full of surprises (sometimes hidden underneath her skirt)!

Betty Fvck (VN). 
Award-winning Vietnamese drag/burglesque artist based in Helsinki.  She’s performed all over Europe and beyond! Her queerlesque performances unite, inspire and celebrate the beauty of feminism mixed with gender-bending art.  Get ready for Betty time! Glamour and sparkle with an attitude!

Susan From Grindr (BE).
Susan is camp, but she’s also everyone’s favourite auntie! And, of course, she’s dramatic as hell. This crazy lady has been taking over Belgium’s drag scene with her humour, bad fashion choices and facial expressions that will haunt you at night.  She’s more than ready for her first international gig, but are you?

Kimi Amen (BE).
If you take fashion, mix it with androgyny, then spice it up with kink and dress it on a sculpted body, you get a contemporary piece of art called Kimi Amen! Her background in stage design really shows off as her energetically visual performances take over the room. Remind yourself to breathe when you watch her!

La Big Bertha (FR). 
As promised last time: Bertha returns! Not only healthy and happy, but also with a trophy to her name… Yes! Bertha is now the Ru Girl that snatched 5th place on Drag Race France! For those that have never seen her, get ready for very Xtra, very honest and very powerful draglesque shows! She’ll make you laugh, cry, leave you surprised and amazed… all while showing you the true meaning of Dramatica and her butt cheeks!

Music: DJ Gyvatnešis (gay pop / electronica)

Doors: 20:00
Show: 21:00
Afterparty: after show 23:30-07:00

Early Bird Tickets -> https://www.sohoclub.lt/dramatica


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